Hypnosis for Eating Less


Dieters Use Hypnosis For Eating Less

Many overweight persons turn to hypnosis for eating less as an easier way to slim than changing their lifestyle to one of healthy food and exercise. They know all the hazards of being obese, but the thought of cutting down on their fast foods and beer, eating whole foods and taking exercise, seems to send shivers down their spines. These are the people who to go to visit the hypnotist about their weight problem.slimming model

They are looking for the easy way out, but there isn’t one. The job of the hypnotist should be to find the reason the person is eating too much, and to find out if their desire for food is compensation for a deeper desire.

If you are obese and lead a sedentary life you are lining yourself up for diabetes, hypertension, vascular problems and ultimately heart disease. If you think you need hypnosis for eating less food everyday, read on.

Overweight people are usually stuck in a time frame of needing to go regularly to the gym, but not wanting to be seen in a singlet and shorts. Also they want to eat the right foods, but they don’t know what the right foods are; all they can see is giving up their unhealthy food with no knowledge of alternatives.

If these people only knew that a slight adjustment in their diet and a minimal amount of exercise could reduce their body weight by around 10% in a very short time. This reduction will lower their blood pressure and cholesterol, and subsequently lower the risk of serious health problems.
Hypnosis may be the answer, and making the appointment and attending the hypnotist’s office may start the ball rolling on the way to recovery. The first steps have been taken to prove to the would-be-dieter that he or she is serious about trading their life for a longer and healthier one.

Some insights to consider when using hypnosis for dieting:

  • Always consult a recognized and registered hypnotherapist, and tell him you want to try hypnosis for eating less food at your meals.
  • Hypnosis is not a silver-bullet cure all, and cannot whisk away fat from your butt and thighs.
  • Hypnosis will work to help you keep to a weight loss program by making you see the sense behind it, and maybe reveal why you haven’t already started one.
  • The hypnotist will make you relaxed and talk to you. There is no trance stuff to be alarmed about; he is not a stage act, and neither are you.
  • Hypnosis makes suggestions to your subconscious mind while your conscious mind is relaxed or distracted. It is one of the most pleasant sensations you will experience.
  • The hypnotist will not reprogram you to anything you do not accept. That is an impossible situation, you are always in control.

The best way to use hypnosis is to start a weight loss program, and if you have trouble sticking to it, then go and see a hypnotist and he will help you understand why you are having problems. By knowing your problems you are in a better position to eliminate them. You can check out the best online tapping hypnosis for weight loss. And while you are waiting you can listen to the ‘smelly cat’ song.